The Eclipse 500 light size aircraft is known for it`s luxury and power With just over 2,300 feet of runaway space this Private Jet can take off at literally any airport. Eclipse 500 is perfect choice for passengers trying to save time and money.

Aircraft Size:                     Cabin Size:                    Aircraft Seats:                    Average Price:

Length: 33.14 ft                  Length: 12.34 ft              Max Seating: 4                   Hourly Rate: £1,650

Wing Span: 37.40 ft           Width: 4.66 ft                  Typical Seating: 3

Height: 11.15 ft                  Height: 4.17 ft                  Pilots: 1

Bag Capacity: 26 ft            Area: 160 ft


Performance Specifications:

IFR Range: 574 nm

Cruise Speed: 371 KTAS

Certified Ceiling: 41,000 ft

Rate of Climb: 3,424 ft/m

Takeoff Distance: 2,345 ft

Landing Distance: 2,250 ft

Max Takeoff Weight: 6,000 lbs

Max Landing Weught: 5,600 lbs

Useful Weight: 2,400 lbs

Payload with Full Fuel: 502 lbs

AcEmpire provides Private Jets at various key locations in the following regions:

  • United States & Canada
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Caribbean, Bahamas & Bermuda
  • Mexico & Central America
  • South America
  • Asia/South Pacific
  • Africa

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Eclipse 500

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